8 Results Found for Promoting Peace & Tolerance

Togo Coastline

TechCamp Togo

TechCamp Togo: Promouvoir des Perspectives de Paix seeks to provide capacity-building for independent journalists and young community leaders; keep francophone coastal West Africa “free and open” by inculcating greater media literacy in the region and avoiding fake news to be drivers of violent extremism; and prepare a cadre of independent reporters across the region who…


TechCamp Myanmar

“TechCamp Myanmar: Media Literacy for the Next Generation” brings together journalists, educators and civil-society activists to strengthen the network of media literacy advocates in Myanmar. They will connect with local and international technology trainers to explore tech solutions to the challenges of strengthening digital media literacy across Myanmar, via interactive training sessions, small-group work and…


TechCamp Copenhagen

TechCamp Copenhagen, Promoting Youth Engagement and Inclusion in a Digital Society, will take place on the evening of June 25, and both days of June 26 & 27. The event will bring together organizations that work to engage youth, journalists, as well as youth themselves from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The TechCamp will focus on…

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TechCamp Thailand

The objective of this TechCamp is to give young people and civil society organizations the tools to develop joint solutions for peace. Mutual misunderstandings and suspicions among faiths can be exacerbated by false narratives and stories being spread on social media.  Participants used technology to help local leaders promote counter-narratives of peace and tolerance, focusing…