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TechCamp Myanmar

“TechCamp Myanmar: Media Literacy for the Next Generation” brings together journalists, educators and civil-society activists to strengthen the network of media literacy advocates in Myanmar. They will connect with local and international technology trainers to explore tech solutions to the challenges of strengthening digital media literacy across Myanmar, via interactive training sessions, small-group work and…

Nicosia, Cyprus

TechCamp Cyprus

Everyone who uses the internet will be confronted, at some point, with disinformation, falsified information or scams. To effectively deal with these, media literacy, critical thinking and cybersecurity skills are vital components of 21st-century life. TechCamp Cyprus: Digital Citizenship in the Disinformation Age will connect young Cypriot and European civil society leaders, social entrepreneurs and…

The winning team celebrates their victory in the TechCamp Chennai pitch competition.

TechCamp Chennai

TechCamp Chennai provides young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds from South Asia with resources to improve their digital literacy and communication capacity.