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TechCamp Malaysia

The overall media landscape in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asia region has seen a rise in internal and external disinformation. The extensive reach of social media, combined with the publication of clickbait news online along with a general lack of media literacy skills has increased the impact and difficulties posed by this challenge. To…


TechCamp Taipei

Tackling disinformation and cultivating media literacy have emerged as a shared priority between the United States and Taiwan, as both societies are targets of both internal and external disinformation campaigns. The ubiquity of social media and its use as a platform to spread disinformation has increased the difficulty of addressing this challenge. Social media influencers and members of…

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TechCamp Thailand

The objective of this TechCamp is to give young people and civil society organizations the tools to develop joint solutions for peace. Mutual misunderstandings and suspicions among faiths can be exacerbated by false narratives and stories being spread on social media.  Participants used technology to help local leaders promote counter-narratives of peace and tolerance, focusing…