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The Angel of Independence

TechCamp México

A 10 meses de que el gobierno mexicano haya recomendado a la población quedarse en casa debido a la crisis sanitaria mundial derivada del virus SARS CoV-2, el periodismo ha implementado diversas estrategias, esto ha significado ampliar las posibilidades en la manera de hacer periodismo así como en los productos entregados a los lectores. El…

Nicosia, Cyprus

TechCamp Cyprus

Everyone who uses the internet will be confronted, at some point, with disinformation, falsified information or scams. To effectively deal with these, media literacy, critical thinking and cybersecurity skills are vital components of 21st-century life. TechCamp Cyprus: Digital Citizenship in the Disinformation Age will connect young Cypriot and European civil society leaders, social entrepreneurs and…


TechCamp Copenhagen

TechCamp Copenhagen, Promoting Youth Engagement and Inclusion in a Digital Society, will take place on the evening of June 25, and both days of June 26 & 27. The event will bring together organizations that work to engage youth, journalists, as well as youth themselves from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The TechCamp will focus on…