Maciek Slomczyński

Photo of Maciek Slomczyński


Producer, Mobile Journalist, TVN 24

Maciej Słomczyński is a news editor, producer, Mobile Journalism enthusiast and propagator. He is currently the head of Special Projects Unit at TVN24 – 24/7 polish News. Starting out in 2004, Maciej was the producer and editor of the first Polish live program using Skype interviews with viewers (2007), the first live report using mobile phone (2008), and producer and editor of election nights, presidential debates etc. Editor of evening broadcast Fakty at TVN, watched by 3.5 million people daily. Since 2016 Maciej is the head of Social Video platform TOTERAZ – with more than 0.5 billion video views since the start at Facebook fan page. TOTERAZ is the first in Europe and one of the first in the World platforms using Vertical Video only.

You can trust him, he’s an archeologist with diploma.