Maciek Slomczyński

Photo of Maciek Slomczyński


Producer, Mobile Journalist, TVN 24

For the last 12 years, Maciek Slomczyński has worked for TVN24 – the biggest Polish news station in Poland.  First, he worked as a researcher and had the opportunity to work in the field with a camera.  After just a few months of internship, he was offered a full-time job as a control room live producer.  For the following three years, he served as a producer, a senior producer and a field producer of various programs and at various levels.  In December 2007, Maciek had a big breakthrough in his career and personal life.  He was given a business phone with a built-in camera by his company.  Maciek was wondering how he could use it together with his laptop and discovered that he was able to stream live picture.  It worked so well that he started using it on air and was promoted.

Maciek was going to create and produce the first Polish TV program using Skype to live interview viewers.  It worked and since then he has known that technology may help us to tell stories better and in a way which is easier and closer to viewers.  After that, he became the “technology” guy in production.  Over the next couple of years, he managed to introduce hi-tech virtual studios, a CNN-like hologram (just a hundred-times cheaper), and GSM live broadcast systems of a much better quality at TVN24.  At the same time, Maciek worked as a senior producer of various news programs and political talk shows.  For the last few years, he has been an executive producer of election nights at TVN24 and since 2014 he has worked as a news editor/producer at Fakty TVN – the biggest Polish evening broadcast at 7 pm watched daily by 3.1 million people.  Currently, he’s also working on a new internet project – vertical video service for mobile phones only, P.S.  You can trust him, he’s an archaeologist with diploma.