NextGen TechCamp Central Asia

Women In STEM

Participants from

Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan


NextGen TechCamp Central Asia originates from former President Barack Obama’s 2009 call for a “New Beginning” between the U.S. and the Muslim world with a focus on increased engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) via the TechWomen (TW) and TechGirls (TG) programs which celebrated their 10-year anniversary. These TechCamps will build on pre-existing efforts to engage and empower local tech communities around the world by leveraging the expertise of TW and TG alumnae as participants, trainers, and mentors. NextGen TechCamp Central Asia will strengthen civil society and increase economic empowerment, inclusion, innovation, and prosperity among women by bringing together local, international, and American experts and trainers to help participants develop skills in artificial intelligence, mobile app development, financial literacy, community engagement, and more.

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