9 Results Found for Countering Disinformation

TC Chile Background

TechCamp Chile

TechCamp Chile para Combatir la Desinformación en Procesos Democráticos Chile tiene uno de los entornos digitales más florecientes de América Latina. Con el auge de las redes sociales, las noticias tradicionales, la radio y la transmisión de canales populares, los chilenos consumen ansiosamente su información de una manera puramente digital. Sin embargo, la creciente amenaza…


TechCamp Australia

TechCamp Australia is a two-day, interactive workshop hosted by the Centre for Media Transition at the University of Technology, Sydney in partnership with the U.S. Embassy and Consulate. The event will bring news media experts together with participants from Australia, New Zealand, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Fiji, Niue, Tonga, Cook islands, and Solomon…


TechCamp Cochabamba

TechCamp Cochabamba aims to increase the effectiveness of 60 influencers, journalists, and technology practitioners to enable their communities’ ability tell true, effective stories.  Participants engage with international and regional leaders on countering disinformation through advocacy on diverse media channels. The objectives of TechCamp Cochabamba are to develop cross-border efforts to address disinformation, create audio-visual content…


TechCamp Addis Ababa

This TechCamp empowers media professionals to combat disinformation in Ethiopia marked by narratives of internal conflict and ethnic tensions. Through strengthening media literacy skills and responsible reporting acumen to conduct strong, creative, and effective reporting across diverse storytelling platforms participants will increase confidence in the capability to prevent the proliferation of misinformation through networks for…


TechCamp Istanbul

The project will bring together game designers, developers, industry mentors, NGO representatives, and education specialists to produce technology solutions in the format of game prototypes and/or communication ideas which will tackle issues in three key areas: Media Literacy/Countering Disinformation, Women’s Empowerment & Gender Based Violence and Environment/Climate Change. The project will consist of two phases/components:…


TechCamp Kosovo

TechCamp Kosovo will bring together 50 journalists and media professionals from the Balkans in Peja, Kosovo. This TechCamp aims to increase public confidence in free press and democratic institutions through tech tools and network-building among journalists. The goal is to build capacities among participants to detect fake news, fake accounts and counter disinformation on public…


TechCamp Dili

Tackling disinformation and misinformation, and cultivating media literacy have emerged as a shared priority for both the United States and Timor-Leste.  TechCamp Dili’s approach to countering disinformation is to cultivate local voices that are capable of identifying and publicly challenging dis/misinformation in the local media landscape. TechCamp Dili will increase the digital capacity of established and aspiring journalists, media professionals, and…


TechCamp Colombia

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that as of November 2019, some 4.6 million Venezuelans have migrated from Venezuela into neighboring countries due to the dire economic circumstances created by the Maduro regime and this number only continues to rise. The tense situation has created a complex and challenging information environment in…


TechCamp Mongolia

Nearly 30 years ago, Mongolians made their famous “choice for democracy” by peacefully rebuking the socialist, one-party rule of the prior 70 years.  Now a committed democracy, Mongolia is an example of the opportunities a free and open society can offer its citizens.  In the shadow of its two autocratic neighbors, Mongolia maintained its commitment…