Tapiwa Gumindoga

TechCamp trainer Tapiwa Gumindoga.


Systems Analyst/Cybersecurity Officer, Ministry of ICT and Cybersecurity

Tapiwa Gumindoga is the Cyber Security focal point for the Ministry of ICT and Cyber Security in Zimbabwe. He is responsible for advising and representing the Ministry on technical, policy, legislative and regulatory matters relating to Cyber Security. He has represented Zimbabwe on several occasions including being Head of ICT for the 20th General Assembly of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, International Conference on AIDS and STI’s in Africa (2015), SADC Heads of State and Government Summit (2014) among other regional and international events. Tapiwa has played a significant role in the setting up of Community Information Centres, Development of Government websites, formulation of National ICT and Cyber Security Policies, ICT Research and Development and Training of Civil Servants and Citizens on ICTs in Zimbabwe. He is a Master of Commerce in Strategic Management candidate and is also studying towards attaining an Ethical Hacking certification. He holds a B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Information Systems (MSU, Zimbabwe), Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (CDAC, India), Certificate in Information Security (Fujitsu, Japan), and Certificate in e-Government implementation (Singapore) among other qualifications.