Sédrick N’GOTTA

Sedrick N'Gotta, TechCamp Trainer


President, Open Africa Initiative

Sedrick N’GOTTA is a digital activist with over seven years’ experience working in democracy and Governance fields, particularly on promoting technology for citizen participation, Transparency and anticorruption advocacy and elections monitoring.  Since September 2016, he is the head new media department of the High Authority for Good Governance, the anti-corruption agency of Côte d’Ivoire.  Before joining the High Authority for Good Governance, he served as lead expert on technology and digital Communications at the Platform of Civil Society Organizations for Observing Elections in Côte d’Ivoire (POECI) and was responsible for integrating information communication technologies into election observation activities.  In March 2016, he co-founded Open Africa Initiative (OAI) where he serves as president.  OAI is a non-profit which assists NGOs throughout French-speaking African countries to promote Information Technologies for development and civic technology-based projects.  Sedrick was a Mandela Washington Fellow 2016.  He is currently awarded a Chevening Scholarship that gives him the opportunity to pursue a Master of Arts in corruption and governance at the school of politics of the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom.