Neil D’Souza

TechCamp Trainer Neil D'Souza.


Founder & CEO, Zaya Learning Labs

Neil D’Souza is the Founder and CEO of Zaya Learning Labs, a disruptive educational startup bringing affordable education solutions to low-income communities around the world. Neil developed an innovative ClassCloud product that brings Online Content to regions without the internet in a cost effective way. Over the last 5 years, Zaya has pioneered an implementation model that allows “Anyone-Anywhere” to implement a fully personalized curriculum for under $1 per child per month. Today, Zaya reaches over 70,000 students who use personalized instruction with technology as a core part of their learning everyday. With over 150,000 students signed up next year, Zaya aims to become the largest affordable learning solution for the market that was historically underserved. Neil has over 10 years experience in education and technology spreading across US and India markets. Before Zaya, Neil worked at Cisco Systems in the US on Mobile Internet products that form the core of U.S telecom infrastructure