Mergim Cahani

TechCamp trainer Mergim Cahani.


Founder & CEO, Gjirafa, Inc

Mergim is the Founder & CEO of Gjirafa, Inc, the Albanian Search Engine and a content platform. Gjirafa has recently raised $2.5M in angel and venture capital funding, with investors including Rockaway Capital, Esther Dyson, Ondrej Bartos, Phillip Staehelin, Michal Illich, and other reputable investors. An alum of StartupYard 2014, Gjirafa is working to build the Internet Economy and bring state of the art e-commerce solutions to emerging markets in Kosovo, Albania, and the surrounding regions.

Previously he founded iziSurvey, a mobile survey solution, and MatchBox now a defunct dating application. Currently Mergim serves as the President of the Board of Governors at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, as an advisory board member of several startups, accelerators and funds, educational organizations, and has over 15 years of industry experience with startups, technology, management, and investment experience. Previously, in New York, Mergim worked for Broadridge Financial Solutions (NYSE:BR), an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the department of Computer Science at St. John’s University, and an executive management consulting program at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (NYSE:MS). His education includes a Summa Cum Laude BSc degree in Computer Science from St. John’s University, an MSc degree in Computer Science from New York University, and an MBA degree with honors majoring in Executive Management from The Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University, all in New York.