Josette Dijkhuizen


Entrepreneur and Honorary Professor in Entrepreneurship Development, De Zakencoach

As an entrepreneur and professor I connect science with practice in the field of entrepreneurship. I do this by using my knowledge, experience and network for the business and personal development of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and by setting up innovative projects which are of societal and economic value. For me, entrepreneurship development and growth is not about bigger, but about greater. That’s why I always say: a successful business starts with the entrepreneur. For me, the success is not determined by the size of the enterprise, but by the contribution and impact the entrepreneur delivers to society and in realizing his or her ambitions. My focus is on corporate entrepreneurship, social and women entrepreneurship, and on the more psychological aspects. In this field I work as consultant, trainer and speaker for educational institutions, corporates, public sector, and many others. My passion for entrepreneurship is expressed in books, scientific papers, and presentations. A previous position as UN Women’s Representative for the Netherlands, led to the idea for Krachtbedrijf Foundation, to assist survivors of violence to start-up their business. I feel honored to have received (inter)national awards for my work. Do you want to know more about me and my work? You are welcome to visit my website Hope to see you!