Josephine Dorado

Josephine Dorado


Digital Strategist/Mobile App Development Consultant, The New School/Funksoup

Josephine is a social entrepreneur, immersive experience designer and media studies professor whose work focuses on the innovative convergence of physical and digital experiences, arts with technology, and games with calls to action. Her work has been awarded both a Fulbright Scholarship and a MacArthur Foundation Award in Digital Media & Learning. In addition to being a regular TechCamp trainer for the State Department, she is also President of Fulbright’s New York Chapter, a professor at The New School and a digital strategist/mobile app development consultant.

Previously, Josephine founded Kidz Connect, a virtual cultural exchange program that connects youth internationally through creative collaboration and performance in virtual worlds. She recently completed a residency in Austria, working with refugees to create virtual reality media narratives of their journeys and creating a methodology by which the VR workshops can be replicated.