John Haley

TechCamp trainer John Haley.


Senior Manager, Capital One Financial

As a Cyber Security practitioner John Haley is a technical subject matter expert in many areas of Information Security with the greatest interest in the areas Threat Detection, Digital Forensics, and Reverse Engineering. John currently leads an international team charged with threat detection through alert and signature development for Capital One Financial in McLean, VA. Previously, John provided cybersecurity expertise for organizations like IronNet Cybersecurity, Verizon, and Booz Allen Hamilton. John spends a lot of free time currently working on his dissertation research as he is a PhD Candidate in the area of Information Technology at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. John also has interest in the areas of data analytics and how it applies to sports injury analysis. John will participate in the Splunk .conf2018 conference as a featured speaker presenting a talk on Data Analysis and Athlete health.