Hamzat Lawal


Co-Founder / Chief Executive, Connected Development [CODE] / Follow The Money

Hamzat Lawal is an environmental activist and anti-corruption crusader from Nigeria who co-founded Follow The Money, a grassroots data driven movement. He leads a team of technology and innovation driven campaigners to amplify voices of marginalized communities and promotes accountability as it affects utilization of public funds, focusing on specific communities in Nigeria. His passion for change using open data advocacy for transparency and accountability in governance led to a life saving intervention in Zamfara state, and has used his advocacy measures to influence government policies that positively affect the welfare of various communities. He seats on the executive board of the largest youth movement in Africa: The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC), leading communications with over 40,000 young people to share best practices and campaigns using technology tools in shaping and actualizing the Sustainable Development Goals.