Dr. Vinay Shankar Prasad Sinha

TechCamp trainer Dr. Vinay Shankar Prasad Sinha.


Associate Professor, Department of Natural Resources, TERI

Dr. Sinha has worked for applications of Remote Sensing (RS) & GIS in Urban and Regional planning, Natural Resource Assessment and Management, Groundwater Resource Modeling and others. He has regularly published papers in peer-reviewed journals and also presented in different forums including seminar/conferences/workshops and is well versed with geology, geomorphology and physiography including socio-economic configuration. His current initiatives are leading to “Development of GPS enable smart card for Vehicle Tracking system” while working for a State DST-Rajasthan research project. At the TERI University, he is teaching courses related to geoinformatics, supervising Masters’ and Doctoral research and strengthening application of RS&GIS in other disciplines. He is also adjunct professional to TERI and is advising activities related to applications of RS/GIS/GPS and allied technologies.