David Arakhamia

david arakhamia


Founder, People Project volunteer platform

David is the founder of the “People Project volunteer platform,” the Head of the Council of the volunteers at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, and a leading IT professional. In the Internet community, he is known as David Brown, 35 years old, and is currently a businessman inKherson, Ukraine. In September 2014, David Arakhamia became an authorized person of Defense Minister of Ukraine in purchase issues. He was awarded the Order “For Merit” of 3d degree Achievements: in a short time organized a large-scale volunteer fundraiser to support the Ukrainian army. Goals: To establish a fund for investment projects at the crossroads of IT and militarists; To implement the experience of successful volunteer initiatives into daily practice of Ministry; To ensure transparent mechanisms of delivery of goods and services for the Ministry; To develop a legislative consolidation mechanism of regular polygraph tests of ALL government officials of higher and middle level.