Christiana Varda

TechCamp trainer Christiana Varda.


Associate Lecturer, UCLan Cyprus

Christiana Varda is an Associate Lecturer at UCLan Cyprus, teaching creative Adobe technologies on the BSc Web Design and Web Development course; she is also a Research Associate at the Cyprus University of Technology’s Cyprus Interaction Lab. She has versatile experience in education, media and digital technologies. She co-organised the first Pancyprian Technological Camp for students ages 7-18 in 2008, with courses in video editing, robotics, game and web design. In 2009 she joined the American Academy Larnaca and introduced and taught the Media Studies A-level until 2018.

From 2016-2018 she also headed Media & Communications for the organization. In her role as Media & Communications Coordinator, she developed the concept, launched the new web platform, and created and implemented the school’s communication and marketing plan.

Her current focus is setting up an NGO promoting Media Literacy through Digital Storytelling, in order to empower young voices and open up media education to the wider community.

Christiana is a Schreyer Honors Scholar and holds a BA in Communications (Journalism) and a BA in English from Pennsylvania State University, where she studied on a full CASP scholarship. She also holds an MA in Interactive Multimedia from the Cyprus University of Technology, focusing on educational technology.

Finally, she is passionate about nurturing cinematic literacy; she is the Executive Secretary of the Board of the Larnaca Cinema Society, a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation, for the past 5 years.