Becky Palmstrom

TechCamp trainer Becky Palmstrom.


Senior Manager, Content and Production, Ni Nyampinga, Girl Effect Rwanda

Becky Palmstrom currently heads the Content and Production Department of Ni Nyampinga, Rwanda’s first teen girl magazine, radio talk show and drama. Using digital and traditional media and the power of brands, Ni Nyampinga is part of Girl Effect, which strives to unleash the potential of adolescent girls for the benefit of everyone. In Rwanda, all content is made and produced by young Rwandan women. Becky‚Äôs journalism career has spanned three continents, producing and writing for outlets like New Internationalist BBC and NPR. Her investigative work has taken her across South East Asia to follow the trafficking of men onto Thai fishing boats. She is a line producer for The Ghost Fleet, a documentary film soon to be released by Seahorse Productions & Oceans 8 Films. With her work for Human Rights Watch, BBC Media Action and Film Aid International, Becky has focused on how to make basic storytelling tools more accessible and available. She has run participatory video projects in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya, youth journalism programming in Burma/Myanmar and lifesaving radio and mobile initiatives to respond to the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh. Becky is passionate about storytelling and believes that digital technology can ensure more voices are brought into the conversation.